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"Our place where our youth will grow, our parents will help, and our community will share."

Support our kids!

Each day the Urbana Neighborhood Connections Center serves youth from K-12th grade in Urbana public school District #116. Our youth are growing academically through the Afterschool homework and study center. Tutors assist our youth with their homework and the center staff collaborates with the school to bridge the achievement gap amoung students. The Center's  educational director provides a comprehensive program where students work on enrichment curriculum and technology learning software on the computer when their teacher's do not assist with homework.

Parents Offering Wisdom, Empowerment and Resuoltion (P.O.W.E.R) creates programs that encourage total family participation. On December 4, 2010 UNCC, Inc hosted our first annual "Wealth of Wisdom" Holiday Dinner. The dinner honored persons whom provide great wisdom in the community. Our parents volunteered and helped serve the guests wherever needed.

Parents have donated school materials, snacks, and their expertise within certain fields of speciality. Our partners have created marketing materials for events and provided vital services to the public, for example, dinners, fundraisers, etc.  Our parents are crucial to the success of our staff and we value them.  The Neighborhood Connections Center invests in their parents by providing them with a parent center with computers where parents can access their kid's grades and collaborate with their kid's teachers.

The Urbana Neighborhood Connections Center believes in partership. One of our partners is Dr. Francis Ihejirika Founder and CEO of the PASS Program in Champaign. For the past two Thanksgiving season, Dr. Farncis gave every UNCC family and staff  a turkey and gift card to complete their holiday meal. 




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