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Afterschool Program

Volunteer Commitment Form

UNCC has volunteer tutor positions available for those interested in helping UNCC forward their mission. Tutors would be tasked with working in small groups of students (2-3) to assist with homework, and to engage in educational and recreational activities. By working with small groups of students on a regular basis, volunteers will be able to familiarize themselves with students’ attainment levels and individual learning needs for best results. This will also allow for tutors and students to create strong relationships built upon mutual respect and understanding,


Center hours run from 3-5 p.m., Monday-Friday. Position averages 2-10 hours per week, depending on days and time that the volunteer is available. We allow for flexible hours to accommodate student schedules. Duties may include:


  •   Helping students complete their homework

  •   Leading reading activities (site words, reading buddies)

  •   Taking part in recreational activities (arts and crafts)

  •   Aiding computer literacy activities

  •   Monitoring students’ activity

  •   Light office duties

Complete if applicable:

How many hours per week will you commit to volunteering at UNCC?


Have you ever volunteered in a child serving organization? If so, please list:

Do you have medical conditions that will require medication administration during program hours?

Have you ever been accused of any criminal sexual activity?

If so, please explain.

Do you have any past or pending police or court involvement?

If yes, please explain

Signature of Volunteer
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